For the Need for Pins

For the Need for Pins

RE/DONE high waisted jeans
$265 –

Elephant jewelry

Laruze leather strap watch
$220 –

Gucci ring
$320 –

Georgia Perry pin brooch
$15 –

For the Love of Colors

For the Love of Colors

Plastic coaster

Giclee wall art

Heart home decor
$3.11 –

Style in Green

Style in Green

NuLOOM rug

Ice cream scoop

Avocado Storage Pod

Food storage container

Canvas wall art

Floral decor

Anthropologie furniture

2016 Valentine’s Day Card

2016 Valentine's Day Card

Intertwining History’s Fashion Movements: HAIR #Men

I am more than happy to see the changes in the air, the colors in the sky and the new do’s even men are rocking out to! Who doesn’t like a nice haircut?

It isn’t just the time for women to rethink switching wardrobes, but a time for men to also take a proactive approach to their looks. Fashion-forward for contemporary men is using their hair to represent themselves. A Renaissance or a defined edge; a new do & a new you.

Fashion in history cannot lie: people care about who they are and the image they would leave behind.
Check out these #styles for #men.

Also, visit where you could find a trustworthy LA Hairstylist.

I loVe <3 BROW Month :)

The year 2015 is almost over and the second half of the year should be our best foot forward. With that said, preparing oneself is important to start a “fresh” new year. Our brows not only define our face, but also who we are before a word can be uttered. Brows should be celebrated and brought back to health with new tips and tricks for a fresh, defined and sexier you.

However, 2016 is not only bringing back brows, but bringing them in a whole new light. Color has everyone talking…check some of these ideas out. Do your brows need more? >: ) #artdaily #BoldBrows“I had a lot of dates, but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows.” -Andy Warhol

Its in Your Genes!

Melissa Franco

Hi everyone, I found this article on how a photographer, Ulric Collette, merges two different generations of family members to create a really interesting photograph. Its really amazing how some people look like repeats of an older generation. In the photo below the photographer combined a picture of his mother and daughter and it ended up looking like a photo of one person at different points in life. The resemblance is really amazing. At first I thought this was a picture of one person!

I thought this was a really interesting concept although it might not necessarily work for all family members it could highlight similarities that aren’t really noticeable at first. I’d personally like to look into this more and merge some of my photos with those of my relatives. I think it would be a really interesting project! Below are some of my favorites that I got from…

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